The Globe and Mail’s 2019 Young Lions Qualifying Competitions comprised of 410 teams (a record high!), vying for the chance to compete at the global Young Lions Competitions in Cannes. The non-profits that were selected this year were Climate Action Network and Kids Help Phone.

The briefs for Print, Film and Digital focused on Climate Action Network, which is Canada’s largest civil society network pushing for meaningful action on climate change, and it is the first and oldest Climate Action Network regional node in the world. These categories were tasked with raising awareness among Canadian voters to take action and to encourage their political leaders to put climate change at the top of their priority list.

The briefs for the Media and Marketers categories focused on the charity Kids Help Phone. Marketers were challenged to invent a big idea (product, service or proposition) for their company’s brand objective and for the strategic objectives of Kids Help Phone. For Media, they were tasked to grow the charity’s youth interactions by 2021 by focusing on Kids Help Phone’s five priorities.

As Canada’s only official representative, The Globe and Mail sponsored each winning Gold team to attend the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, and represent Canada in the Young Lions Competitions, June 17-21 2019.

Gold Digital

Jordan Gladman, Art Director, Anomaly
Alex Boland, Designer, Sid Lee

Silver Digital

Sammy Lo, Art Director, Sid Lee
Emma O’Neill, Content Creator, Sid Lee

Bronze Digital

Corey Way, Creative Director, Abacus
Ryan Dawson, Art Director, Abacus

Gold Film

Michael Romaniuk, Art Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo
Thomas Zukowski, Copywriter, TRACKDDB

Silver Film

Emily Ferraro, Copywriter, Anomaly
Mat Cruz, Art Director, Anomaly

Gold Media

Alessia Grosso, Media Manager, Cossette Media
Robert Ebach, Programmatic Strategist, Jungle Media

Silver Media

Antoine Nguyen, Media Strategist, Touché!
Anne-Sophie Vachon, Strategist Touché!

Bronze Media

Laura Donaldson, Director Marketing Services, Mindshare Canada
Kenon Mak, Senior Manager, Digital Investment, Mindshare Canada

Gold Marketers

Christian Alaimo, Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Canada
Jacob MacDonald, Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Canada

Silver Marketers

Alexander Levy, Assistant Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Canada
Alannah Lipsey, Associate Marketing Manager, Innovation, PepsiCo Canada

Bronze Marketers

Kevin Degruijter, Brand Manager, Bud Light, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Alyssa Sudac, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, TELUS