The Globe and Mail’s 2020 Young Lions Qualifying Competitions comprised of 375 teams, competing for the chance to participate, at the official Young Lions Competitions in Cannes. The non-profit that was selected was Gender Creative Kids, a charity focused on providing resources for supporting and affirming gender creative kids within their families, schools and communities.

Teams were challenged to create a big idea (product, service or proposition) in a strategic brief for Gender Creative Kids Canada, a non-profit group dedicated to helping affirm trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid children and youth within their families, schools, and communities. Media teams were also tasked with engaging the target audience by raising awareness of discriminatory behaviours and advocating for change. There were some great pieces of work submitted, see below for the most notable and the winning teams work.

Gold Digital

Leo Janusauskas, Art Director, Studio Sophomore
Ellen Porteous, Copywriter, Abacus Agency

Silver Digital

Devin Bowie, Copywriter, Us Communications
Archell Vergara, Art Director, Us Communications

Bronze Digital

Mary Soroka, Senior Art Director, Leo Burnett
Steven Mengin, Senior Designer, Jam3

Gold Film

Charles Boutin, Director, Kabane Brand Agency
Alexis Thériault-Laliberté, Creative Director, Kabane Brand Agency

Silver Film

Carmen Fenech, Art Director, TAXI
Ronen Goldfarb, Writer, TAXI

Bronze Film

Barbato Martiniello, Senior Art Director, Freelance
Cristina Piñeros, Copywriter, Sid Lee

Gold Media

Dustin Wilson, Strategist, OMD Canada
Naveed Ahmed, Senior Social & Search Strategist, OMD

Silver Media

Brooke Robinson, Senior Content Strategist, Initiative Media
Victoria Marshall, Strategist, Initiative Media

Bronze Media

Anaïs Cotton-Caveen, Platform Manager, Display & Video, OMG Montréal
Alex B Larichelière, Platform Specialist, OMG – Montréal

Gold Marketers

Galen Howe, Manager, Channel Strategy – Grocery for Coca-Cola
Kristina Komhyr, Customer Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola

Silver Marketers

Brendon Holder, Product Marketing Manager, Google
Natalie Wallace, Head of Premium Flower, Canopy Growth Corporation

Bronze Marketers

Omar Elmezaini, Marketing Manager – Pepsi , PepsiCo Beverages Canada
Pedro Haguiara Porto Alegre, Field Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Foods Canada